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Coverage of the 2024 ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition


The American Society of Hematology (ASH) is gearing up to host its 66th Annual Meeting and Exposition from December 7-10, 2024, at the San Diego Convention Center. This prominent event is recognized as the world's most comprehensive hematology conference, drawing experts and participants from across the globe.


Each year, ASH receives over 7,000 scientific abstract submissions, from which more than 5,000 are selected for oral and poster presentations after a rigorous peer-review process. These abstracts represent the latest and most significant research in the field of hematology, making this conference a critical platform for scientific exchange and advancement.

In response to emerging trends and to cover new areas, the abstract categories are reviewed and updated annually. This year, the categories have undergone several changes, including the renumbering of groups, the discontinuation of certain categories, and the introduction of new ones such as Education, Communication, and Workforce, and Multiple Myeloma: Cellular Therapies​.

One of the highlights of the ASH annual meeting is the Plenary Scientific Session, which features the top six abstracts as chosen by the Program Committee. These presentations are considered the most influential contributions to hematologic research for the year.

The event not only showcases scientific advancements but also includes a range of educational sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to participate in Poster Walks, which spotlight innovative abstracts and provide a platform for in-depth discussion and exploration of emerging science in hematology​​.

Key dates for the 2024 ASH Annual Meeting include the abstract submission deadline on August 1, 2024, and the opening of registration for ASH members on July 17, 2024. Non-members, groups, exhibitors, and media can begin registering on August 7, 2024. A virtual meeting component will also be available from December 4, 2024, to February 31, 2025​​.

This annual meeting not only facilitates the dissemination of cutting-edge research but also fosters collaboration and professional development within the hematology community, making it an indispensable event for those involved in the field.